The Dinogen Online API allows you to retrieve data from the game server.

You can use this data to create stat trackers, Discord bots, and more.


Retrieve the active API URL:

Make a GET request to retrieve data from the API:

<API URL>/api/<Query>

Parameters are passed as URL query strings.

Data is returned in JSON format.


Use /getPlayer to retrieve the player data for xwilkinx:

Use /getLeaderboard to retrieve the top 10 Chaos Survival scores:


Retrieves player data based on username.

username (string)

events (boolean)

Player username.

Include tracking events.


Retrieves the top 10 players for a leaderboard.

id (string)

Leaderboard ID.


Retrieves the featured scenarios.

data (boolean)

Include scenario data.


Retrieves scenarios from the community list.

page (int)

data (boolean)

Current page.

Include scenario data.


Retrieves the current active challenges.

type (string)

Challenge type.


Checks if a player is banned.

username (string)

Player username.


Retrieves all active and future events.


Retrieves all connected players.

Official Uses

Discord Bot

Wilkin Games

The official Dinogen Online Discord Bot. View player data, leaderboards, and challenges right from your Discord server.

3rd Party Uses

Stat Viewer

BT Studios

Player stat viewer and tracker.

API Wrapper


API wrapper for easy integration.